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Sushiro – Seasonal Dessert Decorate Your Own Parfait

For a limited time you can order a “Decorate Your Own Parfait” at Sushiro. Go have sushi and more and finish off with a fun layered dessert.

The Parfait

The parfait is constructed of a dome of chocolate mousse, surrounded by whipped cream and strawberry pieces. The dome sits on top of a piece of chocolate cake. Under that are some feuilletine pieces, sponge cake and strawberry icecream! A good balance of creamy, cakey and a bit crisp.

Sushiro decorate your own parfait

The Decoration Supplies

When the parfait comes on the conveyor belt, don’t forget the second plate that comes with the decorating supplies. The decorating supplies when I went included a tube of squirtable chocolate and two semi-sweet (possibly dark) chocolate buttons. The possibilities for how to decorate are quite never-ending, and the chocolate tube is most likely too much. My older child didn’t complain, he got to eat the rest of the chocolate.

Design Inspiration

When you order the dessert you see a sweet panda or bear design on the mousse. You are welcome to design anything with the chocolate pieces but I was partial to the bear as well – chocolate buttons as ears and a cute face and it was perfect to me! What will you decorated your own parfait as?

Sushiro decorate your own parfait

What Else to Get

There is a wide selection at Sushiro of nigiri, a few types of rolls, some soups and sides. If you’ve never had salmon and cheese – get the salmon and cheese or salmon with basil, so good! We like the white water or white soda for a drink. The broiled tuna or soy otoro-tuna is also yum!

Depending on when in the day you go you may be able to follow the prompt on the check in machine and seat yourself at the Mutsurra location, or wait for your number to get called and displayed on the screen in the waiting area. If it’s close to busy dinner time (namely after 5:30pm) get the Sushiro app or use Line to reserve a spot in line. When you do that, you can submit your phone reservation when you check in and get seated sooner.

For 100 to 350+ yen a dish you can get rolls, sashimi, tempura, sides, soups, drinks and desserts. It’s always fun to see what’s being offered seasonally and they have a loyalty punch card for kids (but I admit to forgetting my card for my kids more often than not).

Our other Japanese Favorites

Some other places I’ve written about are the food truck Back Yard Fish and the bakery Lilla Katten but look out for a blog on Cantina Seaside Italian and another on favorite convenience foods! Have a place I should check out? I’d love some more suggestions of places to check out!


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