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Simple Water Ganache with Earl Grey Ganache Recipe

Nowadays we might not have heavy cream on stand-by or deem it necessary to do a grocery trip just for that, so here is a baseline for how to make a water ganache that can be used as a cake drip, a macaron filling, a cake filling or truffles.

If you use vegan chocolate chips, or high quality dark chocolate chips, this can keep your filling vegan, without investing in an alternative milk that may have more stabilizers in it than you want.

Another awesome detail? Water ganache can be made by subbing in any liquid! Think steeped tea (Earl Grey, anyone?), or juice, or liquor.

Keep in mind not all brands of chocolate chips or types liquids are created equal so the following ratios are a guideline and not hard and fast rules. You may need to add a few more chocolate chips or a bit more liquid to get the consistency you are looking for.

Time also plays a factor – when the ganache is warmer or just formed, it‘s best for a drip cake, as it cools down it can become pipable for a filling or even rollable for a truffle! If you make this for macarons, get my free piping template here.

Earl Grey “water” ganache at a warmer spreadable temperature

Using ratios – the following ratios are for the weight of the two ingredients. You can do this in grams or ounces but the numbers are a bit easier to deal with in ounces. Having a kitchen scale is the best way to weigh ingredients and it ends up being less dishes, too! Just weigh and tare, weigh and tare. I use this scale but you can use any digital scale.

The ratios for a water ganache:

For fluid ganache that turns very hard (great for drop cakes): use a ratio of 6 parts chocolate to 1 part liquid.

For a softer ganache to be used as a brownie frosting, a macaron filling, or a cake frosting I use a ratio of 4 parts of chocolate to 1.5 parts of liquid. (Which is also 2.667 chocolate to 1 part liquid).

The softest ganache that I can recommend would have 1.25 parts chocolate to 1 part liquid. But have extra chocolate chips on hand in case the ganache is too thin!

Another tip, when making any sort of chocolate sauce or ganache it’s best to ensure you got a great shiny emulsion of the cocoa butters in the chocolate and the liquids – the best way to do this is with an immersion blender! I use this one but there are plenty on the market.

What are you going to make? Any fun liquids you’ll try?! Let me know in the comments!

Earl Grey Vegan Ganache

  • 8 oz semi sweet chocolate (Enjoy Life Brand or other vegan chip if you want vegan)
  • 4 oz water (will only use 3oz)
  • 1 or 2 bags of Earl Grey Tea (decaf or regular)
  • additional bag or finely ground loose leaf earl grey tea (about 1 tsp)

Method of Prep

  1. Weigh out all ingredients and gather all equipment.
  2. Partially melt all chocolate chips in the microwave about 30-45 seconds.
  3. Brew the two bags of Earl Grey Tea with the 4 oz if water – follow steep times suggested for the tea (Bigelow states 4 minutes). I use an electric kettle to heat my water.
  4. Weigh 3 oz of the tea into the partially melted chocolate, let sit them stir until homogenous.
  5. Optional but highly recommended: use an immersion blender (careful not to incorporate air bubbles) until ganache is shiny and smooth. 15 seconds, then scrape the sides.
  6. Let sit so the chocolate can set up and cool down. Can use immediately or wait til it is spreadable, or until it is pipeable.

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