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Ikego Trail: Giant White Clam Fossil to Ikego Natural Forest Park

One of our favorite things to do is find out more and more about our surrounding area while we live in Ikego. This trail is short but fun! Keeping a few things in mind it’s a great way to get a bit more nature in your day.

Where is this Ikego Trail

Outside of the main gate to the Ikego Housing area there is a gate that goes to the Ikego Forest Natural Park and Joint Use Fields. One of the Joint Use Fields is tennis courts, and behind them to the right is a Giant White Clam Fossil (it’s neat to translate the plaque and see the clam impressions in the rock!)

Right by the fossil is the start to a forest trail “To the Bamboo Village” – how neat, right!? There is only one path and it leads into the Nature Park. Doing this path will skip the New Hisage Tunnel.

When to Go to this Ikego Trail

The Ikego Forest Nature Park is only open on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and Japanese Holidays. Even though SOFA personnel have access to parts of the Park any day of the week, parts that are maintained by the Park are only available in their opening hours (8:45am-5pm).

Be Aware on this Ikego Trail

At both ends of this trail there are signs to be aware of snakes (pictures of a snake). In warmer months this would be especially important. Also, this is a forest – bug spray would be essential in warmer months as well.

Most of the trail is wide enough for two people to pass there are two areas from memory that single file is necessary.

There are many stairs on this trail, for young kids I would recommend baby wearing. My 5 year old can do this hike and want more, but bring water and encouragement because getting to the rest area is a whole lot of up.

Be respectful of the nature: do no disturb the plants or pick the flowers in this park. I suggest bringing a camera to capture the beauty that way.

Perks to this Ikego Trail

  • There is a cute Rest Area on this trail with a picnic table!
  • There are plenty of stairs and portions of railings.
  • It’s a fun way to get to the Hisage Gate Entrance (and go on into town) or the Green Area in the Ikego Forest Nature Park as it’s an alternative route from the New Hisage Tunnel.

Parking Nearby

We usually walk from the main gate of Ikego Housing. But there is numbered hourly paid spots that SOFA personnel can use for free. (See posted signs at the payment stands). Here is my post on how to park there, too.

Now what?

Depending on the direction you took the trail you can walk down to the Green Area, leave out of the Hisage Gate Entrance or go down below the tennis courts and visit the Ikego Ruins Museum (if it’s before 4pm). There are public bathrooms on either end and drink vending machines.

I’d love to know if you check out the trail!

This information is accurate to my knowledge as of writing but I’m happy to update as new information is available.

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