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Free Parking at Ikego Forest Park for SOFA Members

Whether you’re visiting the baseball fields, tennis courts, track, the Giant White Clam Fossil or the Park itself – SOFA members get free parking in the paid spots! Here’s how to obtain free parking at Ikego Forest Park.

Although the walk from homes inside the Ikego Detachment isn’t horrible, on rainy days or ones with a tight schedule it’s helpful to lean on the free parking outside of the Ikego Forest Park (and sports fields). There are two ways to get your parking for free with your SOFA ID.

Thank you MWR/Child Youth Sports
for this picture.

Free Parking with Parking Voucher

Stop by the Sports Office in Ikego during their office hours. They are super nice! Tell them “SOFA Parking Ticket” and show your ID. They may ask how many, to date I’ve only asked for two at a time (but during baseball season it means I go in about once a week).

How to Redeem Parking Voucher

After you are done with your time at the parking spot, go to the appropriate kiosk (P1, P2, or P3). Enter your parking spot number, press the blue button, stick your ticket from the office in the machine and the lock behind your tire will lower – yay! Now leave.

Free Parking by Calling the Office

There are instructions on the board for how to call to get your parking validated in the moment even after hours.

Pick up the phone and tell them your parking spot number and SOFA. You may be asked to show your ID to the black camera portion of the machine.

Lots Full? Alternative to the Parking Lots

If the lots are full near the fields and you are a SOFA member, come on over through the Ikego housing gate and park along the large field just inside the gate. Then you can walk back over. Don’t forget your ID so you can get back to your car!

Unless you are going to the campgrounds, there is no parking inside the Ikego Forest Natural Park. You must drive very slowly and cautiously in there as typically there are no cars allowed. Do not park anywhere before the SOFA only allowed areas (near the campground and paintball fields).

This information is accurate to my knowledge as of writing the post. I hope you find it helpful! If you come across anything I missed let me know so I can update the post 🙂

Have a great day and happy adventuring!

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