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Free Basic French Macaron Template

Updated June 6, 2022.

French macarons have been my bread and butter and there is something so classic but often times tricky about making the “perfect” circles especially when you are starting out. Download a copy of my free basic macaron template today to help you in your macaron baking journey!

One of the biggest guides that might seem silly (and I definitely didn’t feel like doing it the first few times I made macarons) is a template placed under the parchment or the silicone baking mat. Whether hand drawn or printed out, having a guide really does help. Having a good recipe and a handle on your technique helps too, but that is for some other posts!

I’ve linked a download to my basic macaron template as a free resource for you. It’s great for circles! You can print two pages out and set them side by side if you want to fill your half sized sheet pan (approx 13×18). Set the print outs under either parchment paper or silpats/silicone baking mats. (Pro-tip: Add a little tape “tab” on one edge so you can easily slide it out after you’ve piped out your batter!).

Can’t wait to see how you do making macarons!

Looking for a macaron recipe to start with? Here are some that I’ve tested out with good results:

Loving Creations 4 U with Phay Shing

Tasty: French Macarons

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