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Étoire a Bakery in Zushi near Ikego

Adorable creature mascot? French looking desserts behind a lit up glass case? So cute! Étoire a bakery in Zushi, Japan has such a cute combination of French inspired desserts with some Japanese influence.

The store sign of Étoire a Bakery in Zushi

What We Get at Étoire a Bakery in Zushi

Driving to the Ikego Detachment – which is a military housing development in Zushi, Japan you will almost certainly pass Étoire bakery. I believe they get their “English” name from the French word Étoile for star, and their pastries are like little stars – light and nice!

Display case in Étoire a Bakery in Zushi

Some of the pastries that we’ve purchased are a chocolate rum cake, a lemon cake, a chocolate cake, a Japanese “pudding” in a plastic egg. We have also tried some of the pre-packaged thin short bread cookies that seem to be more like a souvenir from another local shop. Quite tasty!

lemon cake from Étoire a Bakery in Zushi

So cute!

Étoile is usually decorated for whatever holiday is coming up. We went near Valentine’s Day at first and then after Spring/before Summer. The two older ladies that seem to work in the shop the most are so kind and generally think my kids are very kawaii (cute), so I’m a fan! Plus they always take care to package our goodies with a nice bakery box, piece of decorative paper, and a ribbon. Inside the box (common to most Japanese bakeries) they included a small cool/ice pack to help maintain good temperature for the creamy desserts.

dessert bakery box from Étoire a Bakery in Zushi

Keep in mind that some of their cute decorations especially on their single serve cakes have one component that’s inedible. They usually state on the back “DO NOT EAT” as they are made from paper or plastic. Best to be aware and remove or make it clear to younger kiddos (and husbands) that there is something not food on it. Plus like many slices for sale, there is a clear acetate or plastic film wrapped around the cut portions of the cake. The wrap starts at the “back” and just needs a simple unwrap before diving in with your fork.

My son enjoying chocolate cake from Étoire a Bakery in Zushi

Parking at Étoire a bakery in Zushi

Étoile does have two parking spots on site, just behind the shop. However, we normally add grabbing a sweet treat to our grocery shopping days and park at Yorkmart just a bit down and across the street. The Yorkmart building has a parking garage below it that you can access when you are leaving the Ikego detachment. There is also a parking garage just past Yorkmart that you can access when coming back to Ikego from say, Main Base (in Yokosuka).

Decor inside of Étoire a Bakery in Zushi

How to Pay at Étoire a bakery in Zushi

If you plan to get 5 or more items you’ll likely be fine using a credit card or debit card at the shop. They have a 2,000 yen minimum for card. Otherwise, just bring a bit of cash. Most of the single serve desserts in the glass case, seem to be around 400-500 yen. A full cake is closer to 4,000yen or more.

Example of a full cake at Étoire a Bakery in Zushi

I’d love to know when you go, or what you’ll get? If you want to try another bakery in Zushi check out a Swedish inspired shop Lilla Katten, that I’ve also written about.

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