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kawaii dishes door hanger with iron-on-ink

Kawaii Clean Dishes Door Hanger with Iron-on-Ink

Using a door hanger blank from Artesprix, combined with these cute Stamp Anniething stamps from the Kawaii Cuties line seemed like a perfect combination for us. Did you know Kawaii means cute in Japanese? I love my new kawaii clean dishes door hanger with iron-on-ink, there’s even macarons on it!

Abstract Bag Tags with Artesprix Paint

Abstract Bag Tags with Artesprix Paint

Today I’m showcasing Artesprix’s new sublimation acrylic paints on a pair of plastic abstract bag tags. This is my first project with the Artesprix paints and I’m excited to share it and give you guys some pointers!

Neurographic Art Iron-on-Ink Coasters: How To

Learn about how I used sublimation markers for my first exploration in iron-on-ink on the blog. The art style Neurographica inspired the design for these functional pieces.

Piping out French Macarons

You’ve made some macaron batter, now what? How do you get the basically perfect circles so that you can match two shells and sandwich them around your delicious filling of choice? Time to start piping out French macarons with my tips and tricks!