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Back Yard Fish – Food Truck in Zushi

Post updated May 29, 2022 after migration to new site.

Now that we live in Ikego (a military housing community in Zushi, Japan connected to the Yokosuka naval base) we have come to love the food truck called Back Yard Fish that sets up not far from the gate about 3 times a week.

Cajun Fish Burger set, Fish and Chips, Cheeseburger set

Their menu includes meat burgers and fish burgers (aka fried fish sandwiches), as well as fish and chips, chili burgers and wings. Plus, they add a new menu item about once a month or so. For drinks can get a beer or a small selection of cold drinks (like cola, dry ginger ale, coffee).

The flavor notes we’ve made so far are:

Buns are perfectly toasted and still soft and delicious. Thick sliced tomato. delicious sauces. Thick caramelized onions add some sweetness with a hint of crunch. Lamb burger was spicy but really flavorful. The batter on the fried fish seams light and fried well, with white fish that is really flakey. (You can ask for plain fish to not get the seasoning on top in case you have a heat sensitivities).

Some of the menu items we’ve tried are the cheeseburger, fish burger (both Cajun and plain), fish and chips, and lamb burger (a little spicy!). The cheeseburger and fish burger come as a “set” meaning you get fries when your order a cheeseburger (about 1100yen).

Lamb (and coriander) Burger set, Plain Fish Burger set

You can also choose to get a drink or sweet little snack from the two vending machines in the lot where the truck parks (100yen – 180yen for the prices on these).

Set of three individual wrapped cookies from a sweet vending machine

Details of Back Yard Fish to Note

The November 2021 schedule is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and they set up usually by 11am and leave around 6pm. They sometimes sell out a little early but we haven’t run into that yet. Back Yard Fish only accepts yen so make sure to hit up the red Community Bank atm on the way off Ikego. They speak a fair amount of English, but I wouldn’t say they are fluent. Best to keep English sentences short or try your hand at Japanese! A lot of their menu items have pictures to help with any language barriers.

Back Yard Fish sets up in the lot at the corner of the second traffic light when leaving the Ikego base. Follow their Instagram for menu updates and to check their hours for the day. We usually walk but you can park for a short time behind the truck, or on the side of the road you can put on your hazards and that seems to be acceptable.

What will you try first? Or what do you already love from this truck!

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